Norbert Tretkowski


Norbert Tretkowski is a thirty-something years old Linux Consultant, Debian Developer and Free/Libre Open Source Software Enthusiast.

He is working at B1 Systems, mostly focused on Virtualization, Containers, Databases and Security.

Norbert is a member of the Debian project since more than 15 years, and part of its MySQL and High Availability teams. He also maintains packages like Gajim and lsof. In the past he was a member of the Debian Kernel team, the Debian Python modules team, initiated the Debian Backports project and maintained packages like Vim and Ion.

Norbert is also a member of the Free Software Foundation Europe, the OpenStack DACH e.V. and the Linux User Group Schwabach.

His blog is included in Planet Debian, Planet MySQL and Planet FSFE.