Norbert Tretkowski


CyanogenMod 13.0 disk encryption

2015.12.23 by Norbert Tretkowski in #android #cyanogenmod

CyanogenMod 13 activates disk encryption on Nexus devices per default, which is good. Unfortunately a default password is used, and there is currently no way to change this in the settings.

You need to start a terminal and become root to enter the following commands:

# vdc cryptfs changepw password default_password test1234
200 0 0

To verify if the new password got set correctly:

# vdc cryptfs verifypw test1234
200 0 0

The output 200 0 0 is important. When rebooting, the new password needs to be entered.

Update: Non-Nexus devices are not encrypted by default, so you have to enable encryption manually, and replace default_password with the lockscreen pin in the above command.

Update 2: Just use SnooperStopper instead, the latest version works fine with CyanogenMod 13.