is a spin off of the popular client with automatic contact discovery

@norbert Pardon me … what, please? "You sign up with your phone number and Quicksy will automatically—based on the phone numbers in your address book—suggest possible contacts to you."

No, thanks. Are you sure it's not a WA-fork? 🤦‍♂️

@IzzyOnDroid It's compatible with every other server, so no walled garden like WhatsApp.

@IzzyOnDroid @norbert is phone number mandatory to connect to network?

@shura @IzzyOnDroid There is no separate network, it's just another XMPP server and client.

@shura @norbert If you read the page that was linked, your phone number identifies your account – i.e. it is your JID. What's not completely clear to me is whether the phone numbers of your contacts are automatically uploaded to find matches – or whether you can just search for contacts by entering some phone number. And Norbert: Yes, I'm aware it's "just another XMPP client".

And no, I'm not interested – and I see no reason to further discuss it. So please forgive me for stopping that now.

@norbert I was kidding (but I guess so are you 😉). I only pointed at the phone number as identifier.

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